Project Description

UVC Lamp

The Wildland UVC light gives a total germ-free environment. This light can be funcitioned as a capmping light as well as  a sterilizing lamp. Lght weight and easy to carry.

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Battery 3.7V 1800mAh
Power 0.25W/0.6W/1W
Luminous flux 10/50/100/90lm
Mode duration 16/8/6/6H
UV light power 0.6-1W
Spectral response 230mm-280mm
Peak wavelength 254nm
Recharging time 8H
Working temp -20°C ~ 60°C


High sterilization rate

Mosquito repellent


light and compact

Unique patent design

UVC germicidal lamp

Suitable for tableware / outdoorequipment small objects / toys and indoor places Effectively kills bacteria in daily life

Mosquito repellent

Redefining mosquito repellent light

Illumination for journey

Multifunctional lighting

Caring for your family’s health

Carrying “you” is enough!